Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A tricky operation

Yesterday I had to perform a tricky operation. I'm not a surgeon in everyday life (not even a doctor), so I was pretty nervous. Muis, as my patient was called, is one of S's favourite friends and unfortunately the stuffing was coming out of both knees. Poor Muis. I lay him down on my lap and whilst I proceeded in stitching up his wounds, S held his paw and spoke to him comfortingly, uttering things like 'You'll be okay,' 'This will only sting a little bit' and 'Hang on buddy, you're doing well.' After the operation, S praised my surgical skills and carefully bandaged the wounds...

... after which he propped Muis up on the sofa so that he could watch TV (to take his mind off the whole ordeal)...

After a good night's rest, there was of course the issue of mobility. As Muis was still unable to walk, measures needed to be taken. Thankfully, S and N built him a wheelchair, in which he could go outside to enjoy the lovely weather.

Muis was soon in high spirits, riding around in his wheelchair at the speed of lightning whilst his friends looked on approvingly.


  1. poor Muis, I do hope he is feeling better soon, he is clearly being very well looked after xxx

  2. Yes, you can certainly leave that to kids - they have such empathetic imaginations!


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